Hints & Tips

For teddies use the standard teddy pattern from this web site, do not embellish the pattern with clothes or hair

For the teddies use bright colours and more than one colour

Do not use white as this is the colour of mourning in some cultures

You can make the faces in black and brown as well as light pink

Make the faces happy

Ensure the features are well sewn on and little fingers cannot get underneath

Make sure the teddies scarf is well sewn in at the back of the neck only so it can still be knotted and unknotted

Use  BS1425/BS5822 stuffing to ensure it is safe

Stuff teddies well but do not over stuff, they need to be soft and cuddly but not so light the stuffing sinks to the bottom, as they will get lots of cuddles

Ensure all use ends of yarn are well tucked in and out of sight

If using pins when making up items ensure they are all removed when finished