Teddies for Tragedies Knitting Pattern

You will need: double knitting wool
main colour for head and paws
trouser colour
jumper colour
scarf colour
Size 10 (3 1/4) needles
Cast on10 stitches in main colour. Knit 10 rows.
Change to trouser colour and knit 30 rows.
Measure the length of the leg if it’s 3 1/2 “ then
you’ll knit a perfect teddy if it’s more/less adjust
your needle size.
Knit another leg Then knit across all 20 stitches
and work a further 15 rows.
Change to jumper colour and knit 24 rows.
Change to main colour and stocking stitch (one
row knit one row purl) for 5 1/2 “ (14 cm)
Change to jumper colour and continue to knit in
the reverse order

Stitch down the sides of the head
Make arms: with jumper colour pick up 8
stitches each side of the neck join (16 stitches).
Knit 20 rows then change to main colour and
knit 10 rows for paws, repeat for the other arm.
Scarf: Cast on 75 stitches, knit 4 rows. Cast off
Weave in all loose ends and sew up the teddy
leaving an opening in the crotch for stuffing.
Sew across the top corners of the head to make
ears before stuffing. Stuff your teddy with clean,
new polyester stuffing (BS1425 or BS5852).
Run a thread through the knitting to make a neck
and draw it in, knot the ends and weave the in
the excess. Embroider a smiley face. Use small
stitches, (back-stitch and stem-stitch) and ensure
all the ends are firmly finished.
Sew the scarf to the back of the neck of the teddy
so it won’t get lost, but only at the back to
increase the possibilities for play

Make a simple drawstring bag
The bag should be big enough for a teddy (12 – 13” long and 9 – 10” wide).
Turn over and stitch a casing at the top leaving a gap at the side, for the drawstring.
Use only one drawstring. Instructions for making twisted yarn drawstrings from oddments of yarn can be
found on the website: www.teddiesfortragedies.org.uk

Check List
1. Teddies should be approximately 10” tall. To check tension, measure the first leg, if it’s 3 1/2”
then teddy will be the right size, if not, adjust your needle size.
2. Please adhere to the pattern, as we do like the teddies to be the same to avoid jealousy, i.e. no
added hat, skirts, bags etc. Stripes are OK particularly when using up duller colours.
3. When drawing in the neck please weave wool though the knitting, starting at the centre back.
Knot the ends together. Do not wind surplus wool round the neck as a child could put their fingers
underneath it and break it and perhaps pull the wool out and chew it.
4. Leave the scarf free at the front so child can tie and untie it. Do not use ribbon round the neck.
5. Please embroider mouth in stem stitch or backstitch so that the child cannot pull it out.
6. Stuff fairly firmly. With the amount of play the teddy gets, if there is not enough stuffing, it could
be shaken down to one end.
7. Don’t put teddy in the bag, all teddies have to be checked and this saves time.


Using double knitting wool & size 11 (3mm) needles, cast on 33 (37:41)sts.  Work in K1, P1 rib for 5 (5:6) cm, ending with a right side row.
Rib to end of the next row, increasing 5 sts evenly along the row 38 (42:46) sts.
Change to size 9 (3.75mm) needles & kknit in stocking stitch (K row, P row) for 4 rows.

 Shape the thumb gusset.

1st row: K19 (21:23), [16:18:20], make 1, K3, m1, knit to end.
2nd to 4th rows: Stocking stitch.
5th row: K19 (21:23), [16:18:20], m1, K7, m1, knit to end.
6th row: Purl.
7th row: K19 (21:23), [16:18:20], m1, K7, m1, knit to end.
8th row: Purl.
Continue to increase 2 sts on every knit row until you have 48 (52:58) sts.

Next row: Purl

 Divide for thumb.

Next row: K32 (34:38), [29:31:35], turn.
Next row: P13, (13:15), turn.
Working on these 13 (13:15) sts only, proceed as follows:-
For the next 10 (12:14) rows continue in stocking stitch.
Next row: K1, *knit 2 tog, repeat from * to end.  You should have 7 (7:8)sts remaining.  Break off wool, leaving enough to thread through the 7 (7:8) sts, & draw this thread up firmly & fasten off.
With right side facing, rejoin wool to the remaining sts & knit to end 35 (39:43) sts.
Next row: Purl.
For the next 12 (14:18) rows, work in stocking stitch.

 Shaping the top.

1st rw: K1* (sl.1, K1, psso, K12 (14:16), K2 tog, K1), & repeat from *.  31 (35:39) sts.
2nd row: Purl.
3rd row: K1* (sl.1, K1, psso, K10, (12:14), K2 tog, K1), repeating from *.
4th row: Purl.

Continue to decrease 4 sts in this way on every knit row until you have 19 (19:23) sts.
Next row: Purl.

Cast off.

Left Hand.

Work as given for right hand above, reversing the shaping by using the figures in [ ] brackets.