LET US EXPLAIN – We are not a registered charity. Teddies for Tragedies started as a pattern for knitted teddies intended to bring comfort and hope to children around the world.

HOW IT BEGAN – In 1986 in Somerset, “Superted”, a washable knitted teddy, was added to a consignment of medicines going to a refugee camp in Sudan. The doctor replied “ For some children, these teddies do more good than medicines, giving them hope”. The teddy knitting began, and a bag was added, increasing the play value. In 1991, when the pattern came to Guildford, Surrey, “Teddies for Tragedies” began. Now there are a number of branches around the country.

OTHER ITEMS -We now accept squares for blankets, hand puppets, children and baby clothes and dog coats as well as teddies.

BRANCHES – Collect, check and pack the items, then find locally supported missionaries or aid groups working with children in tragic circumstances overseas.  We hope for information back, with photographs when possible.

WHERE DO THEY GO?  To refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, wherever we hear of a need for help.

KNITTERS/CROCHETERS – Many people of all ages and abilities knit/crochet items.  For some, knitting gives a purpose in times of bereavement or illness.  Also, it is a joy to teach grandchildren to knit.

SEWERS – Make bags by hand or by machine for the Teddies to be kept in.

FINANCE – We do not collect money, everything is voluntary.  Any donations are used to send Teddies to any destination where they are desperately needed, but we have no-one to act as courier.

PATTERNS – We have a number of patterns that are free to use please see link to patterns on the home page. We have other patterns so please contact us if you are looking for a different pattern as we may be able to help.